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Production Animals

We can look after your whole farm production and health planning.

We're happy to come to your farm and talk to you about your animal's health and performance goals.

Our farm-specific animal health plan will take the guesswork out of planning your animal health requirements.

From full farm production management to vaccination programmes and medicine, we are your port of call for all your farm animal health requirements.


We have an extensive range of services to take care of your cattle health needs.

From full herd production and health planning to artificial insemination and calf rearing advice.

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Bull soundness examination

  • Trace element monitoring

  • Disease control investigation

  • Artificial insemination programmes

  • Drench resistance monitoring 

  • Calvings

  • Calf debudding

  • Calf debudding supervisory visits

  • Cattle semen collection and evaluation


We can take care of all your deer health needs.

From pregnancy testing and semen evaluation to full animal health plans.

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Stag soundness examination

  • Velvetting

  • Velvetting supervisory visits

  • Trace element monitoring

  • Disease control investigation

  • Artificial insemination programmes

  • Drench resistance monitoring


We offer a complete advisory and treatment service for flock and health production.

From ram soundness examinations and vaccination programmes to drench resistance monitoring and animal medicine.​

  • Ram soundness examination + Brucella Ovis accreditation programmes

  • Vaccination programmes

  • Trace element monitoring

  • Disease control investigation

  • Drench resistance monitoring

  • Facial eczema risk analysis

  • Sheep measles control plans

Sheep Conveyor

We have our own electric sheep conveyor with a team of experienced conveyor technicians ready to drench, vaccinate, spray and capsule for our clients.

  • Drench

  • Vaccinate

  • Capsule

  • Facial Eczema Capsule

  • Quiet electric operation

  • Up to 1300 per hour, depending on stock class, conditions and product used

Lifestyle and small blocks

Not only do we have a team of vets that are happy to service farms large or small, we also have products in smaller sizes to cater for smaller herds or even one or two animals.​

We offer all of the same services for cattle, deer, sheep and farm dogs plus pigs, alpacas and goats.



“Cribby and the crew can always be relied upon by us farmers to come when you call”

Susan Nielsen

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