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About Us

Our Vision

To provide the best animal and farm health services in the Gisborne, East Coast and Wairoa regions.

You might call our vision simple. We hope you do. Simple can be defined as 'easily understood and presenting no difficulties'. This is how we want our clients to define their relationships with us, and how we see ourselves.

Our simple approach focuses on performance across the farm with confident veterinary medicine and advice, fast response times and effective follow-up service. It's this approach that has seen this business go from working out of the back of a truck in 2010 to being the leading animal health provider on the East Coast today. It may have also contributed to East Coast Farm Vets being named the Gisborne Westpac Business Awards Supreme Award Winner in 2012 and category winner in 2015. But for the most part, that came down to our tremendous staff.

Whether you see the team on-farm, driving around the district in the recognisable work utes or in the office, you'll get the same quality level of service. And you know the jug is always on in the office.


Our Clinics

Gisborn Region

Wairoa Region

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