Blowfly Strike - Be Proactive

Tactically and economically blowfly strike is best approached at docking using a proactive attitude, within which product choice and application play crucial roles. A proactive approach will mitigate the negative economic impact that may arise from waiting until flystrike is present. Ideally, the prevention plan you put in place will take into consideration things like time until shearing, chemical class previously used for lice control and regional knowledge about seasonal weather forecasts/patterns and the relative blowfly challenge. The old adage that ‘the best defence is a good offence’ holds true when looking at your blowfly prevention programme. When it comes to chemicals insect growth

Managing bulls for high conception

The management of bulls has a large impact on herd reproduction. Bulls with low fertility decrease conception rates, which leads to low pregnancy rates, increased calving spans, reduced throughput of weaners and animals meeting market specifications, and consequently reduced farming profits. Common sources of low bull fertility and conception include: bulls in poor condition two months prior to mating (when semen is produced) insufficient effective bulls for the number of cows in the mating herd use of too many bulls, which encourages fighting and is wasteful mixed ages of bulls in mating groups, or mixing bulls shortly before or during mating, which can affect conception while social domina

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